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Client Review:
(We) just had a chance to fully review the manufacturing video and WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Somehow you managed to take the hundreds of ideas we had and produce a simple, impactful video that communicates everything we wanted it to say. The music you chose is perfect. We love all the closeups. We are just so incredibly grateful for the time and talent you dedicated to this project. Thank you a hundred times over! We're so excited to share it with the world.
- Flowfold


brand stories


lifestyle content

social media campaigns


Hi, I’m Angie! I’m a cinematographer and editor based out of San Francisco. My bread and butter is outdoor storytelling and lifestyle advertising, but I work with a variety of brands and individuals to sell a feeling to their viewers. I create compelling, high quality videos for my clients, while staying away from the typical in-your-face- advertising approach.  I view my camera as more than just a recording device - it's a storytelling tool.


From small startups to major brands; I’ve had the privilege to work with many different businesses and watch them grow through our collaboration. My work has been proven to help businesses win awards, increase sales/bookings, and gain more followers and engagement on social media. I believe in a brand with a strong mission and desire to grow. I do thorough research on each brand I work with, stepping into the shoes of a consumer, and pinpointing exactly what's needed for what we both want: their success. 


I love to keep positive energy on set, and will always have the most professional and positive crew by my side. I deeply love what I do and take my work very seriously, and I'm looking to work with businesses who feel the same. 



  • Best Editor 2023

  • Best ​Editor 2024

  • Best Cinematographer 2023

  • Digital Awards 2023

  • Outdoors, Film, Teaching, Community Service

My Passion:

creating a feeling for viewers

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